Check out “A Home Made Life”

Homemade_LifeWith upwards of 35,000 food blogs to choose from, it’s always stunning when one emerges as a trend in itself. “Orangette,” the award winning-blog by Molly Wizenberg was one of those.

Hailed as “downright addictive” by the Chicago Tribune and “mouthwatering…witty and eloquent” by the Daily Telegraph, the blog was a moveable feast. It comes as no surprise that Wizenberg’s book, “A Homemade Life-Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table,” is equally delightful.

Wizenberg, a wonderful wordsmith, serves up a banquet of observations about food interwoven with insight about just how important it is to come to the table on a regular basis with the people you love.

An added benefit is that you get to accompany Wizenberg on her travels through the innumerable culinary wonders of Paris, Seattle and New York. The CD made for a week of pleasant commuting and whetted my appetite for all manner of French cheese, baguette, fresh vegetables and chocolate.

The one draw back was that the CD, checked out of the library, came minus the very tempting recipes, an omission I plan to correct by actually buying the print copy. That’s how much I liked it.


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