On New Year’s Eve – One Swan A Dancing

New Year’s Eve afternoon finds me writing from home near the patio door which is framed by a coating of snow. Across the street, the trees at the northern end of Lake Carasaljo in Lakewood are frosted white. Only an occasional car skimming along South Lake Drive breaks the peace of the day. On this Seventh … Continue reading

Six Geese A Laying — well, sort of

Finding six geese a laying would be a piece of cake in our neighborhood — during laying season that is. In our neighborhood, Canadian geese are everywhere at Christmastime and every other time as well. But gathering up their eggs to use in a fritatta or any other recipe would be foolhardy to say the least.  As … Continue reading

Five Golden Rings and then some!

Don’t listen to the tv newscasters. Since Saturday morning, they’ve been spreading the word that Christmas is over. Not a word of truth to it! Counting today – the Fifth Day of Christmas – there are eight days (and nights) to go.  Once long ago, in kingdoms far far away, these were days and “Holy … Continue reading

The 12 Days of Christmas continue

Monday, Dec. 28  is the fourth day of Christmas. The hallmark of this day is commemorating the baby boys slain in Bethlehem on orders from King Herod who feared that a claimant to his throne was among them.  Known now as the Feast of the Holy Innocents, this is an ancient observance which once went by the name … Continue reading

A special day for family life

The Feast of the Holy Family on Dec. 27 is a good time to focus on your own family and the whole human family as well. Some recommendations include taking time on this day as a family to reflect on the value and sanctity of the family unit and exploring ways that we can promote … Continue reading

Merry Christmas to All

At our house, the main celebration takes place on Christmas Eve with family and friends. After the first star is spotted in the sky, the youngest person in the gathering gets to carry the Baby Jesus to the manger where his family, the shepherds and the angels await. Then we gather round the table to enjoy … Continue reading

Christmas Eve by Other Names

The best thing about writing this blog is having people from around the diocese share their favorite traditions and recipes with the folks who visit the site. It’s been a great Advent in that respect with cookie recipes from friends old and new and hints and tips on how to bring shed meaningful light on … Continue reading