Feasting on pancakes and light

In our house, the tinsel and trimmings of Christmas have been packed away since the Baptism of the Lord – the official end of the Christmas season.  The mangers and their figurines are still in place though, objects of admiration on the fireplace mantel and the china closet where they’ll remain through  Feb. 2, the Feast of the Presentation … Continue reading

Ecumenical potluck concludes on a catholic note

Striving for true Christian universality, the ecumenical potluck experience comes to an end for now with a version of the beloved, seemingly omnipresent staple of all church suppers, socials and lunches: ambrosia. This dish, named for the legendary Greek food of the gods, is available in an endless loop of variations. As an ambrosia addict who has slurped up every variety … Continue reading

Some fine Norwegian Meatballs

Another delight that turns up on the potluck table at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation is traditional Norwegian meatballs. These savory meatballs are said to be a staple at Norwegian Independence Day picnics on May 17. I’ve heard that they also appear at Christmas fetes. Once again, I’ve failed to get the original church … Continue reading

Variation on a Lutheran corn souffle

Some favorite ecumenical memories come from times spent with good friends and acquaintances at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation in West Long Branch. In fact, if I added up all the calories consumed at various sessions of the Saturday Study Group or festive socials,  I’m sure they would account for at least a pound or two. … Continue reading

‘Tis the week for ecumenical potluck

The annual celebration known as Christian Unity Week is underway in churches, towns and cities around the nation and the world. Over the next few days,  countless prayer meetings, services, worship and fellowship events will unfold as Christians come together in the sanctuary and around the table to “get to know each other, to pray,  and reflect together,” … Continue reading

Honoring Dr. King with family time and food

It’s traditional to celebrate  Martin Luther King Jr. Day in church or the public square with interdenominational worship, service projects and fellowship. More and more, it’s also becoming popular to carry his vision and spirit back home, serving the food he is said to have relished at the family table and focusing on his life with activities gleaned from Internet … Continue reading

Something for the birds

 The wildlife frequenting  the front, back and side yards of our house are living testaments to the Franciscan sensibility that evolved over decades and blossomed, with the purchase of the tiny blue, semi-detached cottage into a habitat for anything Francis cares to send our way. Standing witness to this phenomenon are  three statues of St. Francis — two poured concrete ones that could … Continue reading