Remembering Gethsemane with Green Soup

We faithful foodies at The Monitor have been pretty busy for the last few days getting the Holy Week edition of the paper ready. But with the Triduum so close at hand, it’s time to post a recipe or two for Holy Thursday. This day of commemoration of the Last Supper is known by many … Continue reading

“Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel”

On this Friday morning before Palm Sunday, the rituals of preparing our house for Holy Week began. Though it’s customary in so many countries to deep clean the house (from top to bottom) the Monday of Holy Week, in our little cottage, it’s the weekend or bust. So first thing this morning, the faux fireplace mantle felt … Continue reading

Artistically, The Last Supper grew larger than life

If you haven’t seen the flurry of stories about a study that shows artists have spent the last millennium supersizing The Last Supper, now’s your chance. Check out this really inciteful story from the Times of London here  It’s a fascinating take on the scholarly study of 52 of the most famous paintings of “The Last Supper” over the … Continue reading

O Blessed Day — The Annunciation of the Lord

“As Saint Gabriel to Mary flies: this is the end of snow and ice” This delightful old proverb from Upper Austria illustrates well the age-old connection between the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord and the end of winter. On this day — March 25 — when the Blessed Virgin’s “life with fruit was blessed” … Continue reading

Time Out for: Spring seeds and songs a plenty

The seed and flower catalogs are dog-eared, circled and generally marked up with selections for this year’s garden. The desire to “grub in the dirt,” as my sister-in-law and fellow gardener Kate, so aptly puts it, is overwhelming. If the weekend is like this lovely St. Joseph’s Day, we’ll be out in the back garden … Continue reading

For St. Joseph’s Day, pasta with breadcrumbs

As I write, St. Joseph Day celebrations are unfolding across the diocese, this nation and of course, Italy where the foster father of Jesus and the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary is known as San Giuseppe. A carpenter by trade, San Giuseppe is the patron saint not only of fathers and workers but of … Continue reading

Sharing A Precious Resource for St. Joseph’s Day

Among the many wonderful web sites devoted to the customs and cuisine of St. Joseph’s Day, the one created by a webmaster named Nancy Piatkowski,  for a site called buffalolore emerges as a true treasure trove. Though Piatowski passed away in July, 2003, the site exists as an online memorial to her “hard work and dedication to the … Continue reading