That’s a wrap!

Thanks to help and support from the staffs of The Monitor, the diocesan Office of Radio and Television and Riverview Studios in Bordentown, yesterday’s taping of The Catholic Corner featuring “Keeping the Feast” went off without a hitch.

Graphic designer Jeanne Scarpato and I got to stand in front of the cameras with the host, Msgr. Walter Nolan, pastor of St. Paul Parish, Princeton. His genial interview style and wonderful store of knowledge about our Catholic faith contributed to a comfortable and warm atmosphere on set as we unwrapped a homestyle version of a festive St. Joseph Table.

From what we’ve seen of the “rushes”, everything looked nice and relaxed. We couldn’t have pulled it off though, without all of the help from the folks behind the cameras. At The Monitor, the staffers all collaborated, often on their own time, to make a good show.

Associate Publisher Rayanne Bennett and Business Director George Stevenson gave the project their enthusiastic support.

 Jeanne really stepped up to the plate, coming up with a terrific design for the apron we wore during the show. Scott Alessi, The Monitor’s online and photo editor, made sure the slide show graphics that appeared were just right. Graphic designer Valerie DiGiacomo whipped up an unbelievable platter of her grandmother’s traditional St. Joseph Day “bowties” for prominent display on the table during the show.

Robert Kysela, The Monitor Business Assistant, volunteered to schlep everything from the table to the decorations to the candles and some of the food out to Riverview Studies in Bordentown before work on Tuesday.

Advertising Manager Ed Heffernan arranged for us to borrow a beautiful statue of St. Joseph from the Cross & Shamrock Irish import and religious goods store in Hamilton Square. The statue took pride of place in the center of the St. Joseph Table.

Circulation manager Kathleen Bilancio and editorial assistant Jennifer Britton contributed not only flowers from their desks to enhance the table but their keen artistic insights on how to make the table look just right. Mary Stadnyk found time to make a shopping run for the freshest oranges, grapes and flowers to decorate the table while I made a mad dash to Joe Leone’s Bakery in Point Pleasant Beach to pick up the special St. Joseph’s bread and pastries we had ordered to decorate the table.

Jim Parker’s crew from Riverview studios and Marianne Hartman, director of the office of Radio and Television and Ann Pilato, communications assistant, made sure everything was not only picture perfect but word perfect on the production end.

It sure was a whirlwind experience and we all hope you tune in. Look for the Keeping the Feast episode of Catholic Corner, hosted by Msgr. Walter Nolan, to begin airing March 21. For a schedule, you can log on to


2 thoughts on “That’s a wrap!

    • Paula, thanks for your comment. The show was really a pleasure to do. Everyone seemed to enjoy participating in it. The aprons were for the show-didn’t Jeanne do a great job. Lois

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