Take a seat at St. Joseph’s Table March 15

With St. Joseph Day just around the corner on March 19, St. Mary of the Lake Parish, Lakewood, is getting off to a bit of an an early start.

The parish will be honoring St. Joseph in traditional Italian style March 15 with two seatings at a special festa in honor of the Foster Father of Jesus at Solo Bella restaurant in Jackson.

This is a first for the parish and you can expect a gala debut said Josette Peterson, a member of the Parish Life committee, who helped organize the event.  “We wanted to do something for the Feast of St. Joseph and we thought this would be a good year to start,” said Peterson who noted that some tickets are still available for the 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. seatings.

Because the feast has all the elements of an extravaganza food wise, the parish reached out to Solo  Bella which hosts its own  St. Joseph celebration every year.

 “We know St. Joseph’s Day feasts are very elaborate,” she said. “They aren’t spaghetti and meatballs at the firehouse so we went in search of a restaurant that has done the feast and asked if we could have a St. Mary’s night,” Peterson said.

 They were delighted when Solo Bella agreed to the request and equally delighted at the way the restaurant rose to the challenge.

The setting at the restaurant will include the three-tiered St. Joseph Table. Expect to see it crowned with a beautiful statute of St. Joseph banked with lilies and surrounded by a wide variety of pastas, vegetable dishes, soups and fish dishes. “Oh, there is going to be a ton of food,” Peterson said. “There will be special pastries, beans, olives, pizza. No one is going to leave the table hungry.”

Musicians will be playing Italian songs and the restuarant will be all decked out in red and white, she said.

The spiritual aspects of the feast will be woven into the celebration, she said. The table will be decked out with carpentry tools in honor of St. Joseph’s craftsmanship. There will be a basket for prayer petitions. These will be brought back to St. Mary of the Lake Church after the fete and placed on St. Joseph’s altar for the actual feast day which is March 19.

“It’s going to be such fun,” said Peterson. “It’s going to be a very joyful, family oriented celebration.”

Tickets for the St. Mary event are $30 per person. For more information, call 732-928-2575


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