Time Out for: Spring seeds and songs a plenty

The seed and flower catalogs are dog-eared, circled and generally marked up with selections for this year’s garden. The desire to “grub in the dirt,” as my sister-in-law and fellow gardener Kate, so aptly puts it, is overwhelming.

If the weekend is like this lovely St. Joseph’s Day, we’ll be out in the back garden raking like mad – the first step on the road to summer down our way.

What a relief it will be to start freeing our little patch of land from the detritus of a winter of discontent. It’s so heartening that the signs of the growing season are at hand: produce is starting to trickle in to the Trenton Farmers Market, just around the corner from the diocesan Pastoral Center; garden centers are emerging from a long winter’s nap.

Another sign of the impending growing season was coverage of the Ohio Catholic Rural Life Conference on CNS (Catholic News Service) calling attention to the fact that the Church has a lot to say about the connectivity of food and community and the mission we all have to be stewards of creation. Link to coverage on The Monitor here.

In the Mercer County area, one more signal that spring is on the way is a benefit aimed at calling attention to the organic farmers of New Jersey.

The Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey is hosting hosting the fund raiser at the Hopewell Valley Vineyards, 46 Yard Road, Pennington on March 20 – the first day of spring. The event will begin with a free seed exchange at 6:30 p.m. Organic farmers will also hold a spring seedling sale.

The highlight of the benefit will be a concert by Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Adrienne Young at 8:30 p.m. Young, whom pundits praise as one of the leading acoustic musicians of the day, is an advocate for sustainable agriculture. She included seed packets in her first album – “Plow to the End of the Row.”

Hopewell’s Mountain View Band will open for Young at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20. For information, call 908-371-1111.


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