My Reflections on Siena, IV part series

Inspired by Light Part I of IV In the spring of 2007, after the completion and publishing of my photography efforts of stained glass for the 125th anniversary book for the Diocese of Trenton, I was inspired to take a week-long, intensive, stained glass course with J. Kenneth Leap, in the beautiful Glencairn Museum in … Continue reading

My Reflections of Siena, Italy

Ciao! I will be posting my reflection tomorrow about my trip to Siena, Italy. So in the meantime, enjoy some recipes and photos of my adventure. All recipes are from the owners and artists that work in the stained glass studio where I studied for three weeks in January 2008. Buono mangiare!  – Jeanne Scarpato Link … Continue reading

Baking with St. Zita

This little known saint turned out to be a heavenly surprise. Another in our growing collection of “kitchen saints”, Zita was a woman after my own heart in more ways than one. Not only did she adore cooking, but she adored cooking for other people. Records indicate that she really enjoyed watching people enjoy the … Continue reading

Coming tomorrow: St. Zita “The Little Cook”

Sometimes you strike research gold when you least expect it.  St. Zita, about whom I knew absolutely nothing before this weekend, turns out to be a fascinating “kitchen saint” with a gift, of all things, for baking bread and finding lost keys. Tune in tomorrow at 4 p.m. for more information and  a classic recipe … Continue reading

“Family Favorites” from St. Joseph Parish

Add to my growing list of “favorite things” the wonderful compendium of parish and organization cookbooks with their bounty of insight on the faithfulness and creativity of cooks in the Diocese of Trenton. More and more, I turn to these books, reading through them for insight, inspiration and just plain fun. Add the recipes of ‘Loaves … Continue reading

Have A Jersey Fresh Earth Day

Over the weekend, we attended Earth Day events — including a big community festival in Point Pleasant — which really focused on celebrating Earth Day locally by shopping close to home.  The emphasis, of course, was not only on saving gas, but patronizing those who work the land and sea in our own little area of … Continue reading