From our house to yours on Easter

The sense of the joy in the Risen Christ is a blessing meant to be shared and so we wish for everyone who has visited Keeping the Feast throughout the Lenten season, a wonderful Easter Day and basketsfull of  God’s blessings.

At our house, it’s traditional to begin the sharing as soon as we return home from the Easter Vigil. With the flick of a switch, a string of pastel Easter egg lights comes to life every year, illuminating the front porch for all neighbors and passers-by to enjoy.

In recent years, we’ve added to the festivity by flinging scores of plastic, pastel Easter eggs into the front garden where, as it turns out, there are some holdovers from last year.

Then we head  inside to savor a tray of Italian cold cuts, bread, sweet rolls and sparkling cider with a couple of good friends who join us every year after the Vigil to bask in the glow of Christ’s Resurrection.

For the past five years, we humans have also shared the glow with Holly, the kitchen rabbit, who turned up on the back patio on a frozen Christmas Eve and was smart enough to come inside when invited.

From looking at her when she first turned up, the veterinarian said she was the right age to have been an Easter present, discarded when she grew too big for a small cage. Lucky rabbit, she lives in a large corner of the kitchen in a sizable cage and “play yard” that backs up on the sliding glass doors.

She’s very friendly and always gets a lot of attention from the folks who stop by the house. On Easter, especially, she’s sure to enjoy the admiration of the folks we fondly call “the usual suspects” who will be celebrating the day around our late Mom’s big table.

For us humans, the menu will consist of baked ham, the asparagus dish and Valerie’s stuffing recipe that I posted on Holy Thursday. The suspects – foodies all – are bringing sides and desserts likely to show up as recipes over the next few weeks.

Holly, pictured here munching on a “salad” sent her way by colleague Ann Pilato from the diocesan Office of Radio and Television, will enjoy a buffet of Timothy Hay, carrot tops, lettuce and a nice apple branch or two on this day when all of creation sings with the joy of new life.

I sign off for now wishing God’s blessings on all in your house this Easter Day.


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