On the Pilgrim Trail — New feature at KTF

A new occasional series at Keeping the Feast called On the Pilgrim Trail will begin Wednesday, April 21.

 The series will highlight lesser known feast days by profiling the lives, landscapes, cuisine and culture of the holy men and women they honor.

 It will kick off with a glimpse into the life of Anselm, the great medieval saint and Doctor of the Church whose feast day is April 21.

 At the suggestion of my sister-in-law, Dr. Katherin A. Rogers, the noted Anselmian scholar, traveler to many lands and mighty fine cook, we’ll follow Anselm on his pilgrim trail from the land of his birth – Italy – to France where he matured and thence to England where he was the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Kate suggests a moveable feast for honoring Anselm: an Italian appetizer; a French main dish and an English dessert.

Look for the feast to be accompanied by information on Anselm’s very interesting life.


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