Mary’s Month: a Sweet Farewell

What a gift to have been able to post every Friday in May something wonderful about the Blessed Virgin Mary.  In this series — called “The Mary Monmouth of May,” there was only time to scratch the surface of the wealth of traditions, customs, art, architecture and literature connected to Our Lady and to craft … Continue reading

Reflections of Siena, part IV

Basta Cosi! Part IV of IV Thankfully, the train transfer went off without a hitch and the view from the train was great. I loved traveling through the Tuscan country side. The rolling hills – those familiar perfect pointy trees you seen in paintings – the winding drives leading up to a house on a … Continue reading

This week at Keeping the Feast

Look for Jeanne Scarpato to wrap up her  engaging series on the art, architecture and cuisine of Tuscany on Thursday, May 27. The Mary’s Month of May series will also wrap this Friday with a photo gallery of own St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral, Trenton and a dessert featuring the bountiful crop of cherries … Continue reading

Red Velvet Cupcakes for a sweet, sweet Pentecost

Pentecost is one of the Church’s most exuberant and joyous celebrations. Parishes around the diocese will be harnessing that joy in Scripture and song this weekend as we all celebrate the birthday of the Church. The oldest feast in the Church, Pentecost took place 50 days after the first Easter when, according to the Book of Acts, … Continue reading

Mary Month of May: Sonnets for Our Lady

I first became aquainted with the wonderful Mary site at the University of Dayton many, many years ago and have treasured it as a resource and wellspring of so much information about the Blessed Mother. Over the last few weeks, we’ve explored films, gardens, books and foods inspired by the Blessed Virgin and this week, … Continue reading

Shavout — celebrating the gift of the Ten Commandments

Among the many interfaith experiences I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy over the years, celebrating Shavout in the home of Rabbi Richard and Sharon Hammerman remains a treasured memory.  When I noticed Shavout – a forerunner of Pentecost – on the religious calendar Deacon Frank Webber was kind enough to bring to me from St. Robert … Continue reading

A promise kept: A recipe from the Upper Room

Last week, I promised a recipe from The Upper Room Spiritual Center where the food is always down to earth and heavenly at the same time! I’d been invited there for Mass on Ascension Thursday followed by lunch – that’s an invitation too good to refuse.  The liturgies in the graceful, intimate chapel are always especially wonderful … Continue reading