Celebrating Peter & Paul in a tent not very far from the sea

Feasts, like those connected with saints Peter and Paul are  doorways to the ancient past. Hear the history of these observances, such as today’s feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, from a really inspired speaker — Bishop John M. Smith — and in no time, the contemporary landscape fades from view and you see (I swear it) the ancient Rome these apostles … Continue reading

This week, keep the feast with Peter, Paul & Thomas

It’s going to be a busy week at Keeping the Feast.  Stop by tomorrow, the Solemnity of Peter and Paul, for a visit with the seafaring apostles and find recipes featuring Jersey’s fresh fish composed with them in mind.   On Wednesday, KTF will feature more Jersey fresh seafood recipes in recognition of those who turned out at Saturday’s … Continue reading

Grilling with Dad in mind this Father’s Day

George Stevenson, business director of The Monitor, has an abiding love for grilling and a talent for creating interesting recipes. An active griller since childhood as the photo below shows, George contributed a fine recipe for grilled salmon for KTF’s Father’s Day tribute. As he says, enjoy! Father’s Day fare from George Stevenson  “I have been … Continue reading