Making up for last week this week

Two smashed fingernails on my left hand were painful enough to bring the blog to a full stop over the weekend. How you smash your own fingers while you are closing a sliding glass door is beyond me but I did just that Friday night. Hence, no barbecue sides as promised for Saturday.

Another mea culpa — the minor accident kept me from plugging in the captions for the beautiful album Scott Alessi put together on St. Mary of the Assumption Cathedral. That situation has now been remedied. If you check out the post, you’ll find all the captions filled in.

Tomorrow I will file the belated barbecue sides. Also this week, look for an update on what’s available at the farmer’s markets. The shelves are getting more and more exciting. Scott has some wonderful photos just waiting for a recipe or two.

We’ll also be featuring some insights on the saints of the week: St. Charles Lwanga & Companions and St. Boniface.

Looking ahead to next week — the food & festivities connected with St. Anthony of Padua.


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