A Happy and Blessed New Year to all

We’re stepping cautiously toward the New Year over a blanket of snow and ice that simply refuses to go away in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Plans call for the friends to gather at The Olive Garden in Toms River around 3 p.m. tomorrow for “linner” the word coined by Daisy Martinez as a combination lunch … Continue reading

Coming out of the ice (slowly)

Like many, many residents of Monmouth and Ocean counties, Brother Pete and I have spent the days since Sunday largely tucked away in our little house on the lake. I must confess that by yesterday, the place was beginning to feel a bit too snug.  But we were safe and warm despite the fact that … Continue reading

Gathering the light on Christmas Eve

The menu never varies at our open house on Christmas Eve. It is, as near as possible, a faithful recreation of the one Mom used to  set on the table with loving care: a good rump roast embedded with pieces of garlic, brushed with EVO, dusted with freshly ground pepper and sea salt and sprigs … Continue reading

Prayers for Christmas Eve

 It’s a Christmas Eve family tradition in our house to bless the tree just after gathering for the festivities that begin the celebration of the Birth of Jesus. Blessing the Creche comes later, after the youngest among us has carried the Babe from his hiding place on the porch and placed him gently in the … Continue reading