Coming out of the ice (slowly)

Like many, many residents of Monmouth and Ocean counties, Brother Pete and I have spent the days since Sunday largely tucked away in our little house on the lake. I must confess that by yesterday, the place was beginning to feel a bit too snug.  But we were safe and warm despite the fact that Ocean and Monmouth are being referred to as “Ground Zero” of the Blizzard of 2010. We hope you were the same.

The wonderful  thing is that in all the high wind and blowing snow, the electricity never went out. Since our house is all electric, I consider that a bit of a day after Christmas miracle.

The street we live on was plowed by Monday night but in doing so, of course, the drive way was packed solidly with several feet of snow which Pete worked away at little by little.

By Tuesday morning, the drive way still wasn’t clear. That changed yesterday afternoon when Pete managed to flag down a wonderful man with a snow plow attached to his truck. He dug out the drive way, thus opening up access to the world once again.  But even today, conditions remained bad at the shore and from the sound of the radio reports, you couldn’t just assume you could get from point a to point b without considerable trouble.

I did make it in to the Pastoral Center with no trouble but hestitated to stray off Route 195 which was quite clear.

As the Blizzard of 2010 recedes from the landscape (we measured 31 inches of snow in our backyard), I’ll be turning to thoughts culinary once again. Am looking forward to stopping by the supermarket on the way home to pick up some provisions. That being the case, stop by tomorrow for a New Year’s Eve recipe adapted from a wonderful new cook book I received as a Christmas present from good friends Eva and Steve Scholfield.


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