A Lenten Consideration: Recipes featuring Father Tedesco’s mushrooms

 As Lent approaches, the faithful foodies of Keeping the Feast have been pooling their talents to come up with a series of recipes in keeping with the constraints of the penetential season while still tempting the palate.

This year, in fact, at the suggestion of Scott Alessi, we’ll be posting Lenten recipes from our files under the heading “Keeping the Feast Classics.” Each day, a recipe we’ve offered before will be brought back and maybe even spiced up a bit, for your consideration this year. We’ll also be posting new recipes each week that we are putting the finishing touches to during the two-week run-up to Lent.

One of those recipes will likely be the creation of Father Joseph Tedesco who is known to many folks throughout the diocese for his years of devoted service here. Father Tedesco had the kind of culinary skills that travel well. He brought them with him to Mepkin Abbey near Charleston, S.C. where he has become the chief cook.

Perhaps, you might want to devote some of these pre-Lenten hours to considering the recipes he’s creating now for his brother monks at the Abbey. Click on  http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2011/feb/09/of-the-earth/ and enjoy the two-page spread on his oyster mushroom dishes which includes several of Father Joe’s delicious recipes.


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