Chianti Classico

One of my most memorable trips in Tuscany was in the Chianti region. My good friend Massimo, one of the owners of Vetrate Artistiche Toscane, took us there for a tour and tasting before continuing on to his brother’s house for a late lunch of tradition Tuscan fare. The lunch started out with a fine … Continue reading

A peasant’s meal in Italy…Not really.

Considered a peasant’s meal in Italy for centuries we cannot say who invented the very first pizza pie. Food historians agree that pizza like dishes were eaten by many peoples in the Mediterranean including the Greeks and Egyptians. But let’s get down to why pizza is so popular. Like everyone who is on a budget … Continue reading

Greetings from Tuscany

Ciao! A new series of posts from my most recent trip to Tuscany. Recipes and beautiful photos in each post. Check back often for the latest posts. Buon Appetito!

It’s Gravy, Not Sauce!

“It’s Gravy, Not Sauce”  Reading that sign at last Saturday’s inaugural San Gennaro Feast in Belmar brought me as close as I’ll ever be again to the Sunday suppers of my childhood. Perched next to pots full of bubbling “gravy,” the sign conjured up the cauldron that would greet our eyes and stimulate our youthful … Continue reading