A peasant’s meal in Italy…Not really.

Considered a peasant’s meal in Italy for centuries we cannot say who invented the very first pizza pie. Food historians agree that pizza like dishes were eaten by many peoples in the Mediterranean including the Greeks and Egyptians. But let’s get down to why pizza is so popular.

Menchetti Pizza located in Siena, Italy, on via Bianchi di Sophra.

Like everyone who is on a budget when traveling overseas, I was trying to find delicious food at little cost. And boy, did I find it. I spent 10 days in Siena, Italy, and found some of the most tasty food, especially pizza.

Now the pizza I encountered was not like the American version. No! It was served at room temperature with fresh ingredients like arugula, sauteed onions, and/or local grilled veggies like eggplant. You can also have it hot out of the oven, or reheated but this kind of pizza doesn’t lend it self to that preparation because most of the ingredients are put on after the dough has been cooked in the oven. YUM! So enjoy this lunch break from Tuscany. I will post more tasty tidbits in the days to come including my trip to a local vinyard in Chianti.

Buon Appetito!

Pizza with arugula, mozzarella, and fresh baby tomatoes.


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